5 Common Masonry Repair Projects

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Common Masonry Problems

Is your masonry starting to show some wear and tear? Whether it’s a small crack or a major moisture problem, the best time to fix it is now. Don’t wait for cold, wet weather to set in and make the problem worse.

Stone is the strongest building material we have, and with a little upkeep, it can last for generations. But even stone can be affected by time, weather and accidents. Using the wrong products to clean stone, or spilling chemicals on it can also affect its condition. Keep your stonework looking fresh and beautiful by having it professionally repaired. Here are some common masonry problems you might be looking at.

1. Water Damage

Virginia and Maryland are prone to weather extremes and high humidity levels, which can affect your masonry.

The stone itself is almost impervious to water, but the grout and caulking are not. If too much water gets into them, you’ll see stones and bricks start slipping loose. It’s not a pretty look and it can lead to a structure that is dangerously unsteady.

Water damage is serious, but a skilled mason can diagnose the problem and repair it. If you suspect water damage is affecting your stones or brickwork, call Capital Masonry for a consultation.

2. Discoloration

 Stains and discoloration can be caused by humidity, age and the use of the wrong products to clean stone. You can restore stonework and brickwork to their original beauty with a refacing.

Professional cleaning using specialized products can remove grease, rust, excess grout, graffiti and other difficult stains. Contact Capital Masonry for guidance on keeping your stonework clean.

Long exposure to sunlight can cause stones to develop color variations. This is a natural effect, but if you don’t like the way it looks, you can have the discolored stones replaced.

3. Cracking

Does the mortar look like it’s breaking off, leaving jagged cracked edges around the brick or stone?

Cracks in your mortar are usually the result of your foundation settling or a major weather event like a windstorm or an earthquake. Water damage can also cause mortar to weaken, exposing the joints to more wear and tear.

A professional mason can repair this by repointing the brick. Repointing will return your brick wall to a smooth, tightly grouted appearance and stop the deterioration. Your bricks will look and act like new.

4. Spalling

If you ignore water damage, cracking and other problems, you get spalling.

When water gets trapped inside bricks, the cycle of freezing and thawing over and over again will cause the bricks or stones to break loose from their joints and fall out. If you’ve ever noticed brick windowsills or chimneys that look like they’re sagging and losing their brick “teeth,” that’s spalling.

To repair spalling, a professional mason must replace the brick. At Capital Masonry, we’re skilled in repairing this type of severe damage and ensuring that the stonework is esthetically and structurally sound. In some cases, we may have to rebuild the interior retaining or support wall.

5. Lippage

Lippage is the term for tiles or stones that are unevenly set. If a tile or stone seems to be lifted much higher than the others, it was improperly installed and needs to be fixed. A professional mason will grind the stone to make it even or replace it if necessary.

A Capital Choice

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Capital Masonry is a top-ranked member of Angie’s List with a sterling BBB reputation. When it’s time to get your masonry repaired, give us a call and discover what our world-class expertise and award-winning customer service can do for you.