Flagstone Masonry

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What is Flagstone?

Flagstone refers to any type of stone that has been cut or split into pavers. If it’s cut, it will have sharp, defined edges. Split sandstone has irregular edges that give it a natural, freeform look.

Why Use Flagstone?

Flagstone has many benefits over other stone types in your landscape.

  • No two pieces look the same, so your patio or other features will have a unique look.
  • Flagstone has a non-slip surface, making it ideal for paths and stairs.
  • Flagstone requires little maintenance, especially if you use Capital Masonry’s concrete-encased flagstone.
  • Flagstone is long-lasting and waterproof.
  • Because of its natural tones and textures, it blends with any landscape design.

Color Options

Because it’s a natural stone, flagstone gets its colors from the minerals in the earth that formed it. Areas that have high amounts of oxide in the soil, for instance, produce flagstone that is reddish. Flagstone from Connecticut is known for its blue color. Other areas of the country produce flagstone with beige, white, pink and lavender tones.The most common colors are gray, brown and tan. At Capital Masonry, we specialize in beautiful sandstone that’s rich in natural tones.

What’s Your Style?

The type of stone you use should complement your overall look and theme. If you’re creating a formal landscape, flat, cut pavers and stone walkways are classic styles that will add elegance. Irregularly shaped stones, like beach pebbles and river rocks, go well with a casual or beach theme.Flagstone can mimic the look of all these styles. An expanse of pale-colored or white flagstone simulates the bright, dramatic look of marble. Flagstone in natural gray and buff tones can mimic the casual look of terra cotta, while a cut gray flagstone gives a polished, classic look.

The Perfect Path

Flagstones are ideal for creating a path of stepping stones. This is an attractive feature for any area of your garden and also serves a practical purpose. You’ll be able to walk into your garden bed without trampling your plants or getting your shoes muddy. A stone path leading to the door helps wipe mud and dirt off shoes and keep them from walking into your house.

Add Borders to a Pond

Stone is a great way to cover up plastic liner edges on a pond or garden bed. Use flagstones in irregular shapes to mimic the look of organic stone. Flagstone is waterproof and can withstand repeated exposure to the elements without losing color or texture.

Get Edgy

Edging on a garden bed adds a stylish, finished look and defines different areas of your garden. Brick and stones are common choices, but there’s a good case to be made for using flagstones as edging materials. Flagstone’s natural shadings blend well with all garden types.As a bonus, Capital Masonry’s concrete-encased flagstones won’t let grass or weeds grow up through the cracks, which preserves the clean, polished and elegant look of your beds with almost no work.

Save Money and Time

If you don’t want a lot of yard maintenance, use flagstone to create beautiful landscaping. Set flagstone in the yard and surround them with easy-growing, drought-tolerant plants for a design that will look good while costing you little in water bills or upkeep time.

Step to It

Steps made of flagstone will give your entryway a beautiful look. Edge them with flowering bushes or grasses to add softness and color. You can also create flagstone steps that connect to a patio or pool area for a unified and elegant look.

Your Home, Your Design

There are many ways to incorporate flagstone into your landscape design. You can find inspiration by reading landscape design magazines and websites, or by visiting your favorite parks and gardens. Make a note of what appeals to you and what you’d most like to see in your yard.When it’s time to turn those ideas into reality, call Capital Masonry. We’re a third-generation masonry company with expertise in all types of masonry installation. We can help you select the right flagstone for your project and bring it to life.You deserve the beautiful backyard of your dreams, and you deserve to have the job done right, so call Capital Masonry and get started today.